About Us

SleuthHawk Holster Company is a small start-up business originated in San Jose, California.

We are dedicated to providing the FINEST products and customer service to a market population we believe deserves the very BEST holsters available! All SleuthHawk holsters are manufactured using the highest quality Kydex and hardware, made here in the USA.

Kydex is the perfect material for pistol holsters because it is durable, reliable, and does not develop memory over time. Other materials — such as leather or nylon — can be damaged by excessive wear and atmospheric conditions like overexposure to the sun and/or getting wet in the rain. With Kydex, the firearm draws and re-holsters the same way every time.

Kydex is designed to stand up to the rigorous conditions and environments our customers work and play in. Each holster is hand manufactured and inspected by the the SleuthHawk CEO to ensure our products meet the highest standards.

My experience in carrying concealed firearms during a continued career in law enforcement service has transcended into our love of crafting the finest concealed carry holsters for the bravest men and women in America.

Carry with confidence, carry a SleuthHawk!